Rent or Buy Apartments and Homes in the Dominican Republic

Opinions from an Expat Software Developer Who Lives Full-time in the DR

To begin with: there are a ton of foreigners in Sosua trying to sell real-estate: and their value system/morality might ALSO be quite foreign to westerners from the US or Canada. Be forewarned!

At the present juncture, this project is not finished, but I'd like to say a few things prior to completion. Internet connections in the DR have been getting better, and now there are even steps being made by the government to allow the large multinationals to claim their stakes in the 5G space. The advent of 5G internet will be a boon for the mass of the population whose only main entry point to the internet is their mobile phone. And that is the vast majority of Dominicans. While fibre optic cable to homes and buildings continues apace, with both Claro and Altice expanding their offerings, we are going to see a real wave of progress with 5G. Whole service sectors and industries will spring up and become feasible where once they were not.

One of the threshhold questions anyone asks themselves when moving to a new country is: where will I stay? Here is one of the best resources for expats that are looking for a property/real-estate or apartment in Sosua. Real-estate agents are increasing along the north coast of the Dominican Republic. There is a shift in thinking among many persons from developing countries with regards to wehre they can get the most bang for their buck.

This ALSO bodes well for EXPATS. And especially any of those expats who envision themselves doing business with and through the internet. This of course includes just working from your home or apartment and executing flawless (or nearly flawless) and reliable Zoom conference calls. With more long-term expats the real-estate market will grow.

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